Monday, November 22, 2010

NTUF-Annihilation 11-20-2010

Well, my dad and I had lots of fun. We got there at 4 when the doors opened and got to stake out our seats. We were front row, middle of the cage. For two hours, we got to “people watch.” It was fun to watch the referees and the fighters test out the octagon. We were also sitting behind the ring girls, the Cowtown Hotties ( It wasn’t my particular cup of tea. I don’t need much in life when it comes to ogling. Just give me Arianny Celeste, Jenny Wade of “The Good Guys” and Christina Hendricks of “Mad Men.” I’m pretty much good with that.

There was one thing that was funny at first then just got plain annoying-the DJ. He was a hip hop DJ and an MMA crowd is not a hip hop crowd. Maybe nothing gets you in the mood for MMA quite like Fergie’s “Glamorous,” but it does not for me. Oh, and he was so awful with his promotions. “Let me see your $100 bill for a free t-shirt.” “Um, yeah, please rob me after the show.” My dad I did not like this guy at all. MMA doesn’t need anything. A guy with some songs that rev up the crowd, not the club.

Very classy presentation of the colors and national anthem. My dad did point out that the ring announcer was under-dressed compared to the Athletic commission workers and most people at ringside.

First bout: Garcia def. Ngo via unanimous decision

Both fighters gave it everything in this fight. This was such an insane intense fight. All 15 minutes of it were full-throttle. These weren’t a bunch of UFC guys rolling around on the floor together. I personally had Ngo winning, but I had his homies next to me, so that probably influenced me. It was fun that this was the only decision of the night.

Second bout: Isaiah Gutierrez def. Sidney Cawdrey via submission

This was Gutierrez’ first fight. He won by submission in a great back and forth fight. Cawdrey looked like he had just triggered the Apocalypse by accident. This was lacking the usual sportsmanship you see in MMA, but lots of passion there. You have to love that.

Third bout: Jeremy Metcalf def. Tony Hadley via submission

Jeremy Metcalf was a featured fighter on the poster, even though he had never fought a fight. I was kinda wondering what was up with that. 34 seconds into the fight, Hadley passed out with a guillotine. It was a very pro-Metcalf crowd. Great showing by Metcalf and you have to admire Hadley for not tapping out. I would give this one “Submission of the Night.”

Fourth bout: David Cashion def. Ryan Nealy via submission

Cashion kind of seemed to be an underdog in this fight. He showed up, gave his all and got the victory. Kudos to his conditioning coach.

Fifth bout: Armando Servin def. William Badders via TKO

Both fighters looked good in this, but Servin was awesome. This is a guy who is now 3-0. I can see him having a future on a bigger stage. Badders put him in an armbar and Servin just punched him until the referee said enough.

Sixth bout: Joe Gorman def. Fernando Salas via KO

Salas’ people somehow took the seats to my right for his fight and then moved on. Weird, we were in those seats all night. Plain and simple, “Knockout of the Night.” My dad and I will still be talking about that knockout on our deathbeds. Salas could barely stand and we’re all surprised that he walked out of there on his own power. VERY impressive showing from Gorman. The irony is that Salas’ logo was “All day.”

Seventh bout: Coda Yazzie def. Dayton Briggs via submission

Yazzie was another one of the featured fighters, so I expected him to win. He is what I assume to be from a Native American background. He came out to what sounded like a tribal chant. (This is not meant to be offensive. I don’t know one way or the other.) A great definitive victory.

Eighth bout: Chris Goolsby def. Terry Meyers by injury stoppage

I’ve seen some sick stuff in my life. I remember Sid’s ankle injury in WCW. I remember a Julio Franco hamstring injury when he played for the Rangers. This fight was pretty sick. I know that we all watch “Big Country” Roy Nelson and think “Wow, this guy is great, but surely nobody else will try to make it in MMA with his figure.” Goolsby proved us wrong. This guy was Big Country, Jr. Meyers dominated this fight the whole first round. And then in between rounds, the fight was called. Goolsby won via Meyers’ shoulder getting popped out of socket. Goolsby acted liked he had just won the UFC Heavyweight Championship twice. If Goolsby was sucking any more wind, he would have to buy it dinner. He walked away with the win, so I guess that is what matters at the end of the day.

Ninth bout: Jordan Gaza def. Kylie Malone via TKO

Jordan Gaza’s whole family must have been there. A young lady two years removed from her QuinceaƱera was being (heavily) featured bout in an MMA event. Both girls gave everything. Gaza won with strikes. I felt a little dirty watching this, and my father the former high school teacher fought hard not to break up the fight between two 17-year-old girls. I was amazed by Kylie Malone’s maturity and gracefulness in handling this loss.

This deserves its own section. Jordan Gaza is a star. I see her up on a VERY high stage in the future. Miesha Tate, Sarah Kaufman, Marloes Coenen, enjoy your time at the top, because you won’t have it for long with Gaza on the rise. What’s funny is that in the post-fight interview she sounded so angelic and “girly.” I sincerely hope that we were there for a star in the making.

Tenth bout: Evan Cutts def. Andre Kavanaugh via submission

This was originally supposed to be a title fight, but Kavanaugh didn’t make weight. Now I am not a fighter, but I don’t understand how somebody cannot make weight. If you do not have the will, you need to find a different line of work. If it’s your dietitian, find a different dietitian. Kudos to Cutts for taking the fight any way. Cutts looked great; hopefully will be walking away with a title in the near future.

 Final bout: Javier Obregon def. Michael Lytle

By this time, there were so many emotions. This fight was everything advertised and more. After every round in this fight, I turned to my dad and said, “I’m glad I’m not a judge on this one.” This was “Fight of the Night.” Both guys placed everything on the line. I cannot describe the emotion of the crowd or the fighters or the people octagon-side.

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