Thursday, January 20, 2011

Response to John Hodgman-No, YOU’RE Welcome

First of all, I love The Daily Show. I watch it every day without fail. I love Jon Stewart and would prefer to have him tell me the news without me watching it myself (without shame). Also, I think he gives a more balanced opinion on the news than you will find anywhere else. Plus, it was one of the first television shows my daughter ever responded to, so it holds a very special place in my heart.

I’m not going to agree with everything The Daily Show does or says. Such is life. Every once in a while, somebody will say something that annoys me, but I’m able to shrug it off. This particular one, not so much. This segment is brought to us by John Hodgman, who is probably best known for being the PC in Mac commercials. For the full footage, click here.

I take offense to a few things here

1. “Down & dirty sports…”

There is still some negative stigma attached to UFC and cagefighting. (I took the references to cagefighting to refer to UFC. If there was another reference intended, I apologize.)  I’m not sure what you have to do to make the sport legitimate, but that is for another time and place. I really take offense to the word “dirty.” This is not a scene from Fight Club. MMA is a legitimate real sport. There are rules with referees and judges. These are not Roman fights to the death in the Coliseum. Calling the sport “dirty” is a gross mischaracterization.

2. MMA fans are not NASCAR fans.

I do not like NASCAR racing. I think it’s nothing more than cars driving around in a circle. Before all the hate mail arrives, I know it is so much more than that. I know that there are some great achievements with the pit crews. I totally respect what they do, as well as the drivers. I also respect the fan following they have built up over the years. And I respect the loyalty of their fans. They make Deadheads look like Beliebers. And yes, I know. I’ve never experienced it live. I don’t like loud noise, traffic or the people who clog up my highway twice a year for the big Texas Motor Speedway events, so my desire to give it a try isn’t so high.

But I don’t like it, and I don’t see myself ever liking it in the future. That is my opinion, and I am entitled to it.
MMA is not NASCAR. I’d like to think they cater to different markets. If they did cater to the same thing, we’d see UFC getting the same sponsors as NASCAR. I have yet to see the UFC fighter show up with a DuPont logo or the Condom Depot car. I’ve sat very close to the Octagon at local events. There is an entirely different group of people than I would expect to see at a NASCAR event. I work very hard to watch my MMA and follow the sport. Can we maybe try not to put labels on me?

I’m sure there’s some that like both. That’s great. This is not directed at you. Again, I have no hatred against NASCAR. I can’t call it boring; I like baseball. These are all just opinions. Hodgman got to give his; now I got to give mine.

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