Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Nominated to leave the Human Race

I'm veering away from my usual MMA theme for something that really bothered me.

I get it, People. I really do. College football is a religion. I grew up watching my Aggies. I've changed favorite teams in every major sport at least once (and some I no longer have a favorite team at all) except for college football. I've been with my Aggies since I had that raggedy old jersey I wouldn't dress my dog in now.

But there comes a point when it goes too far. Matt Patrick of 95.3 in Mishawaka, IN (in Northern Indiana very close to South Bend, IN, home of some place called University of Notre Dame) went way too far.

For the video, click here:

This bothers me as a sports fan and a Christian and a human being.

Stuff happens. Being an Aggie fan for all of my life has taught me that there will be plenty of heartbreak when you watch sports (and yes, some of it even came at the hands of Notre Dame). Teams lose. Sometimes they win through questionable means, sometimes they lose through questionable means. This Matt Patrick fellow sounds like a whiny baby whose team lost and couldn't handle it. Have we discovered the yin to Armando Galarraga's yang?

So if you mess with Notre Dame, you are messing with God? Where is that in the Bible? If Notre Dame is so sacred and protected because it's a "Christian" university, then why aren't more Christian universities better? TCU, ok, they're looking pretty good. Would SMU have suffered "the death penalty?" Would Baylor be the redheaded step-child of the Big 12? And don't get me started on where BYU would be. If God was choosing who would be national champions, don't you think the title game would have somebody other than Alabama and Texas? Also, you think God is powerful enough to strike down a head coach after a heart attack, but you don't think He's powerful enough to make Notre Dame win?

There's some people I don't like in this world: Erik Kuselias, Gary Oldman, Chris Brown, Kate Gosselin, Bill Maher, Sean Waltman, Glenn Beck, Brett Favre, Kanye West, LeBron James & PETA. I have my own personal reasons, they are my opinions and they are what they are. I may laugh when Brett Favre throws 3 interceptions. I got a kick out of it when Taylor Swift did a pretty mean Kate Gosselin. And I loved the episode of "Penn & Teller's Bull$%&@" where they pointed out that PETA practices euthanasia themselves in certain circumstances.  But wishing harm on another person? That's wrong. Nobody should ever have an audience again after saying something so ugly and despicable.

I don't do this often, but I think it is time to nominate somebody to leave the human race. And thank you, Matt Patrick for being today's nominee.

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