Monday, January 30, 2012

Raw Is Fire 1-30-2012

I'm sure you're going to read many great recaps of the Royal Rumble that are already out there. But I wanted to just give my small opinion. It is very rare to find anything in wrestling that surprises me. Punk-Cena at Money in the Bank, Quackenbush-Kingston at Chikara's High Noon, and now the end of this year's Royal Rumble. I would like to say that I picked Sheamus from the beginning (and even had Jericho and Sheamus in my final 2), but when it was Jericho and Sheamus, I had NO idea who was winning. It's nice to be able to sit back and watch wrestling like a kid again.
So I did something I had never done before in my life. I correctly predicted the Royal Rumble winner. And yes, I really had British Bulldog winning in '97. And Kane in '02. I'm intrigued to see where we're going with tonight's Raw.
We open it up with Johnny Ace walking out to the crowd and smiling. He introduced the competitors in the Elimination Chamber. Then Punk came out and started to bully and insult Ace. And then Daniel Bryan interrupted them. He cut a pretty nice promo. Then Sheamus interrupted them both. The crowd seemed to be behind Sheamus.
Ziggler gets Orton. Welcome back to the middle of the card, Dolph. They did an interesting promo with Wade Barrett. This was a very good match for a Raw opener. From somebody who's had the same injury Randy Orton has with the herniated disc in what I think is pretty much the same spot, Orton has all my respect for how quickly he was able to recover and continue wrestling in the ring. Orton pinned Ziggler in a very good match.
William Regal has conjoined twin daughters he keeps locked up in a closet. Curt Hawkins still exists.
There was a battle of the dinosaurs as Tyler Reks took on Brodus Clay.
Punk and Daniel explain Straight Edge vs. Veganism.
CM Punk and Daniel Bryan have a match where they are both champions and it is the first hour main event? You s***in' me? What do you expect? You had two of the best competitors in the WWE going at it. Sans the head-dropping, this was exactly what you would want from Punk-Danielson. I think this is perhaps the best match I have seen on Raw in forever.
We got Miz vs. Kofi with Truth doing commentary. Miz is really over with the crowd. They wrestled to a really good match. Kofi won.
Rock is being featured in a video package. I guess he really needs to be put over. (<--- sarcasm font)
Beth Phoenix killed Eve. Then Kane surprised Eve with an appearance. Cena ran out to the ring, didn't stop to say hi to his cameraman friend. Good brawl. 
The Johnny Ace-HHH stuff was fun. And then the Undertaker appeared. Yes, I still mark out like a little girl for Taker. 
Cole was pretty atrocious tonight. The in-ring action as a whole was off the chains. I still have to call this an excellent Raw. Very well-done.

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