Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bellator 39 Preview

Eddie Alvarez (21-2) (c) vs. Pat Curran (13-3)
Eddie Alvarez is the #6 Lightweight in the world, according to Don't know why he isn't signed with the UFC, but nevertheless, this should be a big fight. Alvarez is on a 6-fight win streak, as opposed to Curran's 4. I do think it's fair to say that neither have lost in Bellator. What I like most of Alvarez' history is his percentage of KO's and submissions as opposed to the decisions. Something tells me it's going to be Alvarez retaining.
Winner: Alvarez
Lyman Good (11-1) vs. Rick Hawn (10-0)
Obviously, the momentum goes to Hawn. Good's first loss was two fights ago. One thing that stands out to me. An undefeated streak can only last so long. Hawn will eventually encounter his first loss. It's not the loss. It's what you do after it. I seem to be favoring Good for this.
Winner: Good
Toby Imada (29-15) vs. Patricky Friere (8-1)
Well, both of these have the win on the momentum side. Friere has 4 wins in a row so I think you'd have to give him the full advantage. Imada has a smaller percentage of decisions so he will find a way to end. He also has a LOT more experience. I give the edge to Imada.
Winner: Imada

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