Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Meditations on Snooki at Wrestlemania

I’m sure nobody else is using the word “Meditation” in regards to Snooki. I can’t do the good or the bad because this is a mixture of both. A lot of this hinges on how the match actually goes. Here are my thoughts. Some will be good; some will be bad. You may agree, but chances are you probably won’t.

1.       Wrestlemania has always had their big “celebrity” moment:
-Pamela Anderson & Jenny McCarthy at XI
-Mickey Rourke at Wrestlemania 25
-Billy Martin, Muhammad Ali & Liberace at Wrestlemania
-Lawrence Taylor and his football buddies at XI
-Floyd Mayweather at Wrestlemania 24
-Pete Rose and all his escapades
-Mike Tyson at 14
-Alice Cooper at Wrestlemania III
-Ozzy Osborne at Wrestlemania II
-Morton Downey Jr. at Wrestlemania V
-Robin Leach & Vanna White at Wrestlemania IV
-Kim Kardashian at Wrestlemania 24

This is nothing new. Wrestlemania will always have their celebrities. This year, it happens to be Snooki.

2.       Two very good wrestlers will get their matches. There was one year when MNM carried the Smackdown! brand on their shoulders and they couldn’t find a Wrestlemania match for them. Now not only does John Morrison get a match, he gets the (arguably) highest-profile match on the card. Dolph Ziggler has also put forth a lot of work this year for the WWE. The two are getting one of the biggest matches at Wrestlemania.

3.       Let’s be honest. Morrison & Ziggler are going to get the lion’s share of the actual in-ring work. So, in a sense, we’ll be seeing Morrison-Ziggler. Now somebody tell me if ANYBODY has a problem with Morrison-Ziggler.

4.       There are going to be some very emotional matches at Wrestlemania. Triple H-Undertaker is going to be a very emotional match, as will Edge-Del Rio and whatever else they come across. There needs to be a moment the crowd gets to unwind from the tension and emotion. Whether we like it or not, this is going to be one of those matches.

5.       There’s going to be a lot of buzz around this Wrestlemania, and yes, a lot of it is going to be Snooki. A buddy of mine at work that would never watch wrestling told me about Snooki being at Raw. A buddy on Twitter told me about Snooki hosting Raw. The WWE is creating a lot of buzz for themselves. Snooki will get them exposure on TMZ, Extra and Entertainment Tonight. They will reach a demographic they usually might not.

6.       What if a big fan of Snooki’s turns in to see Wrestlemania and then discovers Justin Gabriel or Heath Slater or Randy Orton? There might be some wives that might watch Wrestlemania with their husbands that normally wouldn’t. Do I think she’s going to help the buy-rate? Maybe. Do I think she’s going to hurt the buy-rate? Absolutely not. If you’re on the fence about buying Wrestlemania, you’re not going to not watch it because Snooki is on it.

7.       This isn’t Ring of Honor. They’ll be the two nights before. Not every match is going to be the Smark’s Paradise 5-Star Match. This is the WWE. They are about entertainment first. I’m sure they will find a way to craft an entertaining match and will figure out the best way to utilize Snooki. For us “Smarks,” we get Undertaker-Triple H, I’m sure Bryan Daniel will be somewhere and Edge-Del Rio. That’s our match. Let the WWE do their thing. One of my all time favorite Wrestlemania matches is X-7 when Vince fought Shane. It wasn't Savage-Steamboat, but it was a real fun match to watch.

8.       We get Trish. Now a brunette, not quite as fake-looking (My wife made me rewind the DVR so we could look at Trish’s breast size. Yes, please?), but still just as perfect as ever. This is the exact role she should be playing. At least with the ladies, she’ll be the work horse for this match. She may prove to be a little rusty, but she is still the most iconic Diva of her era, and she doesn’t look like she’s lost a step. I get Morrison-Ziggler, plus I get Trish-LayCool. Not to mention the addition of a Vickie Guerrero promo somewhere there.

9.       Vickie has given everything for the WWE. What started as a desperate attempt to play off her dead husband’s name has turned into lightning in a bottle. In her short time, she has established herself as one of the greatest heels of her era (if not the top heel in wrestling right now). She’s earned her place. She’s also the perfect person to play off Snooki, as, really, how are you going to hurt Vickie?

10.   Do I think another Diva would wrestle a better match? Of course (except for maybe Carmella from the first Divas search). But I don’t really think that WWE is going to change it. So rather than complain because I’m not getting Flair-Steamboat, maybe I can reserve judgment to see what they do. This could be a really fun match to watch.

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